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Our goal is to provide you with the best in headache care, allowing you to get back to the life you love.

Please note that Dr. Natbony is an out of network provider. We are not currently accepting new Medicare patients.

**Telemedicine visits are available to patients living in NY, NJ and FL**

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During an initial new patient consultation, we perform a full history and neurological examination followed by a clinical assessment and comprehensive plan. 

Your initial consultation will be approximately one hour and can be done in person or via telemedicine.

Investment: $750.00

Follow-up Visit

During this visit, we will carefully go through your headache diary, lifestyle changes and discuss any alterations in the nature of your headaches. We may recommend changes or additions to your treatment plan.

A follow-up visit typically takes around 30 minutes and can be done in person or via telemedicine.

Investment: $425.00

Botox Injections

For certain patients, injection of BOTOX® into proven sites around the headache and neck can drastically decrease migraine frequency. Injections are typically done every 12 weeks.

Investment: $650.00 - This includes office procedure, prior authorization, and insurance benefit verification (medication obtained through pharmacy benefits) 

*For those without pharmacy benefits, Botox injections including medication is $2,000.00

Botox Injections
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Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Numbing medication is injected along nerves in the scalp that control migraine and head pain. These injections can help stop headache pain in its tracks. 

Investment: $400.00+

Trigger Point Injections

We identify areas in head and neck muscles that are very tight and irritable, and inject them with a local anesthetic to provide relief for headache and neck pain.

Investment: $400.00+

Home Visits

Can't make it to the office? Don't worry, we will come to you! Home visits available for patients on Long Island and in NYC. 
Price based on location and travel requirements. Please contact the office directly to schedule.

Schedule an appointment and let us take care of you.