• Lauren Natbony

Essentials of Sleep Hygiene and Stimulus Control

  1. Maintain regular bed and wake times (within 1 hour or less) including weekends.

  2. Avoid napping.

  3. Avoid caffeine after lunch. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes before bed. Avoid going to bed hungry. Avoid excessive liquids before bed (drink no more than 1 cup of liquid in the 4 hours prior to bed if nocturnal urination is an issue).

  4. Exercise regularly (but not within 3 hours of going to bed).

  5. Only use your bed for sleeping and sex (and avoid sleeping places other than bed). Do not read or use any electronic devices (TV, phone, computer) in bed or in the middle of the night.

  6. Optimize bedroom environment (dark, quiet, cool).

  7. Avoid work or stressful activities for one hour prior to bed (wind-down period). Avoid thinking about stressful topics while in bed. Plan time earlier in the night for mentally working through any problems (make a list of issues to address the following day if helpful).

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